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Ellyssa Suite (Brass Band) Front Cover

Ellyssa Suite by Nathan Wiltshire (2020)
Brass Band Major Work
(C Grade / 3rd Section)
Duration 12 mins.

Ellyssa Suite was completed in 2020 and is dedicated to my two girls, Ella and Alyssa, and is a four-movement work for brass band depicting my view of the life of my two daughters.
The first movement depicts the darker moods of two girls and their father constantly saying "what are you two up to?" The second movement shows the hectic life of two bubbly little girls causing chaos, competing against each other, and in the end, working together in simple harmony. The third movement is entitled 'Ella's Theme' and is a beautiful melody for a beautiful soul backed by a gospel-type rock beat. The final movement hits a happy time in their life before suddenly being interrupted by sorrow, loss, and tragedy. Reunited, the work closes in a flurry of happiness and forgiveness.
YouTube: South Brisbane Federal Band (2020)

Stages of Grief (Brass Band) Front Cover

Stages of Grief by Adele Mitchell (2022)
Brass Band
Duration 4.30 mins.

Stages of Grief is powerful work by young composer Adele Mitchell and was written to portray each of the five stages of grief; Denial and confusion; Anger; Bargaining, trying to find meaning; Depression; and Acceptance.

Digital Realisation: Stages of Grief

Disentanglement (Brass Band) Front Cover

Disentanglement by Nathan Wiltshire (2022)
Brass Band Major Work
(B Grade / 2nd Section)
Duration 10 mins.

Disentanglement is a new major work for brass band by Nathan Wiltshire.

YouTube: South Brisbane Federal Band (2022)

Embers (Brass Band) Front Cover

Embers by Nathan Bryant (2014)
Solo Flugelhorn & Brass Band
Duration 4 mins.

Embers is a stunning flugelhorn ballad with brass band by Nathan Bryant

YouTube: South Brisbane Federal Band (2022)