Australian Works

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Level I - Beginner (one year of instruction)
Level II - Intermediate (two/three years of instruction)
Level III - High School
Level IV - University
Level V - Professional
* table of all works below

As part of my Ph.D. thesis 'The Emergence of Australian Solo Euphonium Repertoire', I created an annotated catalogue which provides a comprehensive guide to the Australian euphonium repertoire for performers and brass educators.

Previously there was no complete list of works with the majority of repertoire remaining unknown to both euphoniumists and educators. This collection, documentation, and critical assessment of Australian euphonium works provides an important reference for euphonium players, teachers, and for future researchers in Australian music.

The catalogue follows the format below with links to composers, publishers, recordings and YouTube videos where possible.

Composers Name: last name, first name.
Complete Title: as it appears on the music.
Publisher/Source: publisher details and website where available.
Instrumentation: including all accompaniment versions.
Date: copyright date for published works or date of composition for manuscript works.
Duration: expressed in minutes as indicated on the printed music or actual times.
Level: I - Beginner; II - Intermediate; III - High School; IV - University; V - Professional; Combinations of levels eg I-II, II-III etc.
* further details on level guidelines below.
Range: Range is given in both bass clef in C at concert pitch and in treble clef Bb transposed a major 9th as the euphonium is played in brass bands.
Movements: specific names and/or numbers.
Dedication/Commission: name of party to whom the composition is dedicated or commissioned by.
CD Recordings: when a particular composition has been recorded, reference will be made to the artist responsible for the recording.
YouTube: search entries and links where YouTube recordings are available.
Annotation: short, concise annotative comments concerning the general nature and style of the composition. Any outstanding technical problems or other pertinent information will be noted.

Level Guides
LEVEL I (Beginner): Limited range, approximately one octave: Bb2 to Bb3. One year of instruction. Limited rhythmic/technical requirements. No note value greater than quaver (eighth note), no syncopated rhythms. Music of a tonal nature.
LEVEL II (Intermediate): Two/three years of instruction. Range approximately G2 to Eb4. Rhythmic/technical requirements involve simple semi-quaver (sixteenth note) patterns. Simple, limited syncopated patterns.
LEVEL III (High School): Range approximately F2 to G4. Moderate tessitura. More rhythmic complexity. Extended syncopations, semi-quaver (sixteenth note) patterns, triplets, and so on. Limited use of double and triple tonguing.
LEVEL IV (University): Range approximately Bb1 to C5. Higher advanced tessitura. Increased rhythmic complexity/multimetric. Agular melodic lines. Dissonant harmonies/contemporary harmonies. Endurance factors. Introduction to avant-garde techniques (flutter tongue, multiphonics etc). Double and triple tonguing. Dynamic control and extremes.
LEVEL V (Professional): Total range: C1 to F5. Extended high tessitura. Rhythmic/technical complexity of highest order. Angular lines/large skips in melody. Advanced twentieth-century techniques. Extreme dynamic contrast.
Combinations: I-II, II-III, III-IV, IV-V.

N.B. These are general guidelines and recognised as quite subjective. Level indications describe attributes and requirements of the music more so than the expected skill of the player.

Australian solo euphonium works by composer
Bailey, Kerin - Cool It! - LEVEL II
Bailey, Kerin - Lightly Latin - LEVEL II
Bailey, Kerin - Little Swinger - LEVEL I-II
Bailey, Kerin - Mister Smooth - LEVEL I
Bailey, Kerin - Rocket Up - LEVEL I-II
Bailey, Kerin - Soft Winds - LEVEL II
Batterham, Andrew - Caprice - LEVEL V
Batterham, Andrew - Euphonia - LEVEL V
Bracegirdle, Lee - Concerto for Euphonium - LEVEL V
Brimblecombe, Eleanor - I'm Too Tired To Breathe, And Yet - LEVEL IV
Briton, Jamie - Paean - LEVEL IV
Broadstock, Brenton - Concertino for Euphonium 'Under Capricorn' - LEVEL V
Broadstock, Brenton - Lonely Roads - LEVEL V
Broadstock, Brenton - Danny's Song - LEVEL I-II
Brodbeck, George - Busy Body - LEVEL III
Brumby, Colin - Berceuse - LEVEL II
Brumby, Colin - In Memoriam - LEVEL-II
Brumby, Colin - Song of the Bard - LEVEL II
Brumby, Colin - Twilight Hymn - LEVEL I
Campbell, Stuart - Stuart - LEVEL II-III
Clarke-Jones, Catherine - Paragliding - LEVEL I-II
Code, Percy - At Dawn - LEVEL II
Code, Percy - At Sunset - LEVEL III
Code, Percy - Lucille - LEVEL III-IV
Code, Percy - Miranda - LEVEL III-IV
Code, Percy - Neath Austral Skies - LEVEL III-IV
Code, Percy - Prelude de Concert - LEVEL III-IV
Code, Percy - Valse Caprice - LEVEL IV
Code, Percy - Wendouree - LEVEL III
Code, Percy - Zanette - LEVEL III
Code, Percy - Zelda - LEVEL III-IV
Collins, Brendan - Concerto Gallop - LEVEL IV
Collins, Brendan - Euphonium Concerto - LEVEL IV-V
Collins, Brendan - Encore Suite - LEVEL IV
Collins, Brendan - Stomp - LEVEL IV
Collins, Brendan - Three for Two - LEVEL III [Euphonium Duet]
Cooper, Ian - Sevens - LEVEL II-III
Davies, Howard - I Love The One Who Made The Stars! - LEVEL III
De Visser, Peter - One Extra Minute - LEVEL I-II
Dreyfus, George - The Doll's House - LEVEL I-II
Dreyfus, George - Nullabor Hideout - LEVEL II
Fischer, Tim - Daybreak - LEVEL II
Fischer, Tim - Pebble Beach - LEVEL I
Fitzpatrick, Mike - Chimborozo - LEVEL V
Fitzpatrick, Mike - Folk Dances - LEVEL V
Fitzpatrick, Mike - Second Chapter for Acts - LEVEL V
Fitzpatrick, Mike - Utaki, The Sacred Grove - LEVEL IV
Forsyth, Michael - Concerto for Euphonium - LEVEL V
Forsyth, Michael - Harlequinade - LEVEL IV
Gott, Barrie - From the Heart - LEVEL III
Gross, Eric - A Little Hymn - LEVEL I-II
Gross, Eric - Brass Fun! - LEVEL I
Gross, Eric - Brass in Three - LEVEL II
Gross, Eric - Dance - LEVEL II-III
Gross, Eric - Euphonism 1, op. 161 - LEVEL III
Hallam, Adrian - Maximus - LEVEL III
Hancock, Martyn - Concertino for Euphonium - LEVEL III-IV
Heading, Andrew - Romanza - LEVEL III
Holley, Alan - Potato Flower - LEVEL II
Holley, Alan - Rain Time - LEVEL I
Holley, Alan - Soft Sun - LEVEL III
Hyde, Miriam - Festive March - LEVEL I-II
Johnston, Helen - Anastasia - LEVEL IV
Johnston, Helen - Anna Karenina - LEVEL IV
Johnston, Helen - Carrisima Mia - LEVEL IV
Johnston, Helen - Endeavour - LEVEL V
Johnston, Helen - Leonie - LEVEL III-IV
Keeffe, David - Magnificat - LEVEL III-IV
Keller, Peter - Silverback - LEVEL V
Kinmont, Scott - Refuge - LEVEL V
Lim, Liza - The Green Lion Eats the Sun - LEVEL V
Little, Rhys - Rend - LEVEL V
Little, Rhys - Threads of Many Sunsets - LEVEL V
Lourens, Alan - Euphonium Concerto - LEVEL V
Lourens, Alan - Rite of Passage - LEVEL IV-V
Lourens, Alan - Euphonium Sonata 'Arcades and Alleyways' - LEVEL V
McAlister, Bill - Euphemism - LEVEL V
McAlister, Bill - Essay for Euphonium - LEVEL IV
McCunnie, Jared - Freefall - LEVEL IV-V
McKenzie, Daryl - Mixed Berries - LEVEL II
McKimm, Barry - Euphonium Concerto - LEVEL V
McKimm, Barry - Love in the Garden - LEVEL I
Moule, Derek - Australian Folk Song Fantasy - LEVEL III-IV
Mustafa, James - Pantheism - LEVEL IV
Palamountain, Chris - Indigo Contrasts - LEVEL IV
Palamountain, Chris - Moon Shadows - LEVEL III-IV
Pollard, Mark - Sounding the Distant Bell - LEVEL I
Preusker, Wayne - Euphoism - LEVEL IV-V
Preusker, Wayne - Frantique - LEVEL IV-V
Preusker, Wayne - Jackline - LEVEL III-IV
Ratnik, Peter - Eupho Mexicana - LEVEL V
Ratnik, Peter - Euphonium Concerto No. 1 - LEVEL V
Ratnik, Peter - Farewell - LEVEL III-IV
Ratnik, Peter - The New World Hymn - LEVEL III-IV
Reade, Simon - Ritual - LEVEL V
Robinson, David - Sterling Heights - LEVEL IV-V
Ross, Craig - Air - LEVEL II
Ross, Craig - Ballade - LEVEL II
Ross, Craig - Bella Canzone - LEVEL I
Ross, Craig - Blue Mountain - LEVEL II
Ross, Craig - Big Smoke - LEVEL II
Ross, Craig - Bird Song - LEVEL III
Ross, Craig - Caprice - LEVEL II
Ross, Craig - Frogs and Bilby - LEVEL I
Ross, Craig - Gentle Melody - LEVEL III
Ross, Craig - High Seas Adventure - LEVEL II
Ross, Craig - Let's Rock! - LEVEL I
Ross, Craig - Let's Swing! - LEVEL I-II
Ross, Craig - Magpie Melody - LEVEL I
Ross, Craig - Possum on my Roof - LEVEL II-III
Ross, Craig - Rainforest Melody - LEVEL I
Ross, Craig - Rock On! - LEVEL I
Ross, Craig - The Wanderer - LEVEL III
Ross, Craig - Wombat Waddle - LEVEL II
Szkutko, John - Andante Brillante - LEVEL V
Takahashi, Tomomi - Harry's Lullaby - LEVEL III
Terracini, Paul - Fantastia on Medieval Fragments - LEVEL V
Wells, Jessica - U.F.O. - LEVEL V