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Daily Warm-Ups for Euphonium

This warm-up book has been written and compiled specifically for the euphonium (although can be used by other brass instruments) to incorporate aspects of playing the instrument that may not necessarily be ideal for other brass instruments like the trumpet eg pedal register.

The common thread through this book is incorporating the efficient use of air into all aspects of the warm-up. There are some exercises in this book that require a 4-valve euphonium. In each case, an alternate exercise has been provided for 3-valve euphoniums. This book is written with high school, university/college, and professional players in mind. There are exercises included with alternative easier rhythms so they can be used by younger or less experienced players as well.

ISBN 978-0-646-84327-8.
A4 (8.3in x 11.7in) 29 pages.

Daily Warm-Ups for Euphonium
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